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Save the Children, Save the Earth.
YAMAGATA GREEN INC. was established, as an Environmental Protect Division of Yamagata Tekkin Co.,Ltd,
to help protect the global environment and preserve the beautiful nature
and the world where humans ca n enjoy healthy lives for the future children.
Through a variety of businesses including e-zo,
our mission is to hand down our beautiful planet to the future,
expanding this effort from Japan not only to the Philippines but also to the rest of the world.
From JAPAN, to the Philippines
YAMAGATA GREEN INC. and its affiliated company have invited technical interns from overseas and trained them in reinforcement steel skills,
thus we have developed a good relationship with the Philippines.
Through this experience, we realized that we can contribute to the Philippin es even more,
by introducing the technologies of Japan, so we launched the merchandise of “e-zo”.
In the future, we will make the best effort to provide technologies that can be applied in disaster prevention (such as flood).
We are sure that our business can be a bridge between Japan and the Philippines.

What is "e-zo"?

You install e-zo directly to the intake pipe or air cleaner of your vehicle. E-zo generates a wave motion, and such wave motion makes a tornado in the intake air and makes it easy to burn in the engine.

And the efficiency of engine combustion substantially improves so that emission of pollutive substances such as CO and HC drops. In addition, because of improvement of torque of the engine, the fuel efficiency improves by 10% to 20%.

In fact, as the result of Jeepney tests, CO and HC from most of the test vehicles dropped by 50%. Also, Lambda value of a vehicle which had not met the Lambda requirement changed from 5.78 to 2.31 after installation of e-zo.

▼This is "e-zo" !!▼ e-zo This photo shows "Regular size"
Price List
3,000CC (Regular Size) 15,000peso + TAX

3years warranty
If the warranty period of the product has elapsed, there is a possibility of aged deterioration or peeling off, so we recommend inspection or replacement.

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How to use "e-zo"

How to use
Stick e-zo on the intake manihold and air cleaner.

In case of 3,000cc or less ,stick on intake manihold only.

illustAfter installing e-zo...
After installing e-ZO, you get more torque and power because the efficiency of the engine improved. So please be careful about the below items and enjoy driving.
❶ Do not repeat unnecessary accelerations!
After installing e-ZO, you get better acceleration because the power increased. But unnecessary acceleration makes the fuel efficiency bad. Please accelerate as gently as you did before installation.
❷ Press the pedal gently!
The response will improve due to the efficiency improvement. By pressing the pedal gently, you can
save a lot of fuel.
Trouble Shooting
See below if you feel there's not much effect after installation of e-zo.
  • If CO and HC do not fall...

    Reason 1

    Need 5-mins-drive after installation of e-ZO

    Sometimes CO and HC do not change if you measure them right after the installation of e-ZO. (This is because the engine is not getting enough air from the air cleaner.) Please measure CO and HC after you drive your vehicle with e-ZO for about 5 minutes. Or please rev up the engine a few times.

    Reason 2

    The air cleaner is too dusty.

    When the air cleaner is too dusty, you can't get enough intake air and e-ZO never works properly. Please install a new air cleaner or clean it to make the intake flow smooth.

    Reason 3

    There's too much sludge in the engine or in the throttle bulb body

    Sometimes HC and CO don't fall when there's sludge in the engine. Please clean the engine with cab cleaner. (By doing this, CO and HC will fall even without e-ZO, but it will never be down to zero, like when e-ZO is installed.)

  • Black smoke from a diesel vehicle doesn't decrease.

    Reason 1

    For large sized trucks to decrease the black smoke, you need to drive some distance.

    Black smoke from large sized trucks come to exhaust much less after installation of e-ZO and driving about 2,000km.(eg. Black smoke from a 25t truck decreased one month after installation of e-ZO, and the fuel efficiency changed from 2.4km/l to 3.7km/l)

    Reason 2

    The air cleaner is too dusty.

    When the air cleaner is too dusty, the black smoke might not decrease. Please install a new air cleaner or clean it to make the intake flow smooth.(If it's a wet type air cleaner, do not clean by blowing air.)

    ※Your vehicle emits CO and HC while it's running although the number measured during idling is close to zero. But you can reduce CO and HC during running about 1/5 by installing e-ZO.

    Reason 3

    One of the cylinders isn't working well.

    CO and HC never falls when on of the cylinders of the engine isn't burning well. (Unburned gas goes out to the exhaust, so high numbers of CO and HC are measured.)To find the defected cylinder, please remove and put high tension cords for each cylinder and see if it is working.

    ※Please ask a professional mechanic to do this. There is a risk of getting shocked.

  • Fuel efficiency does'nt get better.

    Reason 1

    How you drive. (Unnecessary acceleration)

    After installing e-ZO, your vehicle gets more power. And you tend to press the gas pedal a lot because it feels good. But don't waste gas by doing that.

    Reason 2

    How you drive. (Adjust your pedal work)

    Please press the gas pedal gently. After installing e-ZO, your vehicle gets more power, so it goes well even if you press the gas pedal less. Watch the speed meter and drive carefully.

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